About Us

OURZ. A Virtual Space for POC and allies to explore their Health, Wellness & Spirituality. Come Heal, Grow, Learn and Love with us!

The Company

Ourz was created to bridge the gap of Community, Health, Wellness and Spirituality during quarantine and beyond.

As our world and lives were changing all around, it highlighted the great need to belong, to interact and to take care of ourselves. Ourz is here to help you on your journey! If it’s just meeting like minded people, join our online events and meet a new friend. If you are all about your health, check out our recipes, workouts and virtual challenges. When you are going on your wellness journey, add our meditations and affirmation to your day! We are all about that holistic health, from mental health to the wonderful items we offer in our store to help you along the way

Our Mission

Our goal is support our community members in their journey to be their happiest, healthiest and most authentic selves. We are excited to use events, classes, meditations, affirmations, information and even our wellness store to support you. Passion is our driving force, because we are you, and we are creating the resource we wish we had! Is there a resource, event topic you have always wanted? Check out our Contact Us page and drop us a line, we would love your input!

Our Vision

To make mental health, spiritual wellness, and physical health resources accessible to underrepresented communities in the health and wellness space.

The Founder

Hi everyone! I am so excited to have you in our community! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see you here and participating in the community I built out of Love. I built this community because although I had this idea in my heart for over a year, it wasn’t until Covid happened that I realized HOW MUCH I NEEDED A COMMUNITY LIKE THIS! So when I say I created this out of love, I really did… Love for you, Love for the community and out of self love so that we can all have a safe, warm place to learn, grow and most importantly connect.

Dee Ali
Over 36 Million American’s meditate

Over 36 Million American’s meditate

Although the number drops significantly among People of Color, OURZ is here to change that stat by getting you comfortable and happy meditating. Join us and over 500 Million others around the world benefiting from perks of meditation.

4.0 GPA

4.0 GPA

Did you know that affirmations can help you get better grades because it increases activity in useful areas in your brain?! It also helps reduce stress, build confidence, reprogramming thought patters, If you are looking to motivate yourself, increase your self confidence and improve brain function then check out the amazing affirmation tools Ourz has for you!

99.99% Facts

99.99% Facts

That you will love being a part of our community!


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