Hello, I am Dee

I am a lover of all things cute, self care advocate and the founder of Ourz

“Community is where Grace and Companionship meets”

Ourz By Us is the perfect combination of a passion project and the product of all the experiences I have had that led me to valuing myself and my wellness. There have been many times I have wondered WHY AM I GOING THROUGH THIS while in the midst of a health crisis brought on by toxic environments, exhaustion and burnout from lack of self care or depression from unresolved experiences (to name a few). After the Pandemic put a stop to the first entrepreneurial adventure I was courageous enough to try, I was yet again wondering WHY? This time however I got an answer… Because all of these seemingly ‘bad’ experiences were really detours to my passion and purpose. I had been sitting on the idea of creating an inclusive community to serve the health and wellness needs of POC for over a year but had kept pushing this idea away to focus on a more ‘practical’ business. The Universe had other plans, and it brought my life to a standstill until all I could do and see was how important and needed this community was.

So I pivoted, refocused and created my vision and Ourz By Us was born! As I started to work at this, it became very clear why I had experienced all that I have. To be at this exact moment, writing this bio about a company I believe in, not because I have to (because I created it)… but because I REALLY LIVE THIS SH*T! When I tell you affirmations work, it’s because I used them to help rebuild my self esteem after a terrible relationship. When I tell you meditation helps improve your mind and peace it’s because I’ve lived in New York and can tell you what always being on the go is like. When I SCREAM from the rooftops GO. TO. THERAPY. To everyone who will listen, it’s because I know how much that self work can improve your quality of life.

So I created this company to inspire, promote and support your growth journey as I wish I had while I was navigating through life, stumbling upon lessons and gems as I went along. This community is a product of all the people who contribute from those who just like posts, repost, host events, teach courses, even those behind the scenes designing this website, and creating content. This community is the culmination of all our experiences, that shaped us and brought us to this moment together.

I salute your self-work, I am in awe of your perseverance but most of all I am grateful for your participation in the OURZ community.

With Love and Light,


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